How it Works

COVID Credentials were created to enable anyone to quickly create and securely share their testing, symptom, antibody and immunization information with anyone else through our HIPPA secure national network. Get started below:

Step 1: Register

Select “Create and Share Your COVID Credentials” to register or log in to your AZOVA account.

Step 2: Fill Out Data

Fill out all the relevant testing, antibody, and COVID-19 status data that you are aware of.

Step 3: Share

Share your data with schools, employers, healthcare providers, and other organizations.

Step 4: Get Tested

Get COVID testing through AZOVA. Share your results through COVID Credentials,

What are COVID Credentials?

COVID Credentials are a great way to let companies such as schools, restaurants, airlines and employers know your COVID-19 test results, symptom status and whether it is safe for you to interact with them or be around other people. Creating and sharing your COVID Credentials is simple and takes only a few minutes. Once you have shared your COVID Credentials, any updates or statuses that you add are shared in real time.

Safe, Secure, and Private Status Sharing

COVID Credentials by AZOVA allows you to share select COVID-19 diagnostic, testing, antibody, and immunity statuses in a secure and private environment. The AZOVA app and website adheres to the highest HIPAA and SOC 2 standards, ensuring that your healthcare data and COVID status is encrypted end-to-end.


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If you are unsure you need a COVID-19 test or have other healthcare questions and concerns, you can get an online video, telephone, or secure messaging visit with a doctor or other healthcare provider. The AZOVA Digital Health Networks connects you with healthcare providers in all 50 states, making sure you can access healthcare anywhere, anytime.

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Create and share your COVID Credentials™ for free.
Create and Share Your COVID Credentials™